Duty of Candour

Waterfront Private Hospital’s Statutory and Organisational Duty of Candour Requirements

Upholding Transparency and Integrity in Care

At Waterfront Private Hospital in Edinburgh, we adhere to the statutory and organisational Duty of Candour requirements as mandated by Scottish law. This commitment aligns with the principles outlined in the Health (Tobacco, Nicotine etc. and Care) (Scotland) Act 2016.

Duty of Candour

Understanding the Duty of Candour

The Duty of Candour in Scotland is a legal obligation that requires health and social care providers to be open and transparent when there is an occurrence of unintended or unexpected harm during patient care.

Our Statutory and Organisational Procedures

1. Identification and Immediate Action: Any event that results in, or could result in, unintended harm to a patient is immediately identified and acted upon.
2. Direct Communication: Affected individuals or their families are promptly informed about the incident and given a sincere apology.
3. Thorough Investigation and Organisational Learning: We conduct comprehensive investigations to understand the root causes and implement changes to prevent recurrence, aligning with our organisational learning protocols.
4. Patient and Staff Support Systems: We provide necessary support to patients and their families affected by the incident. Our staff are also supported and encouraged to participate in learning and improvement initiatives.
5. Documentation and Annual Disclosure: All Duty of Candour incidents are meticulously documented. We publish an annual Duty of Candour report on our website, which includes the nature of incidents, outcomes of investigations, and improvements made.

Reaching Out for More Information

For queries or concerns regarding our Duty of Candour procedures, please get in touch with our Patient Relations Team at [[email protected]]. Additional details are available on the NHS Scotland website.

Our Pledge

Waterfront Private Hospital is steadfast in fostering a culture where honesty and openness are paramount. By rigorously adhering to the statutory and organisational Duty of Candour requirements, we aim to maintain the highest levels of trust and safety in the services we provide to the Edinburgh community.


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